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深澤 紗織
Saori Fukasawa





『世界は点滅するモザイク模様のように』 洪水企画, 2011


  • 『ESTHÉTIQUE 創刊号』 日本美学研究所, 2014 / "わたしという宮、または身体詩"
  • 『Bacchanales n°49』 Maison de la poésie Rhône-Alpes, フランス, 2013 / "世界は点滅するモザイク模様のように"
  • 『Monge Monde Vol.4』 Rafael de Surtis, フランス, 2013 / "世界は点滅するモザイク模様のように"
  • 『星座ー歌とことば vol.62』 かまくら春秋社, 2012 / "脱ぎ捨てた身体"
  • 『Bacchanales no.47』 Maison de la poésie Rhône-Alpes, フランス, 2011 / "私のお葬式"
  • 『洪水 vol.7』洪水企画, 2011 / "Novermber 1st"
  • 『洪水 vol.5』洪水企画, 2010 / *木下奏著「display」の書評
  • 『洪水 vol.4』洪水企画, 2009 / "黒髪のユリシーズ"
  • 『文芸思潮 vol.28』アジア文化社, 2009 / "黄色に染まる女たちよ"
  • 『文芸思潮 vol.26』アジア文化社, 2007 / *現代詩賞受賞作品発表特集にて受賞
  • 『Map Magazine vol.3』STUDIO CASA-VOUTA, 2007 / "黄色に染まる女たちよ"
  • 『Map Magazine vol.2』STUDIO CASA-VOUTA, 2005 / "Under The BlackLace - the bodyscape as 体内風景-"


Saori Fukasawa

Born in 1982, grew up as a local from Tokyo, Saori Fukasawa is a poet and writer.
Her poetry is often described as it evokes 'mythical' landscapes by her bold and passionate words.
Saori appears in large numbers of poetry readings with artists from many different genres, including music, dance, and fashion worldwide.
In 2008, she received the incentive award in the 4th Bungei-Shicho Modern Poetry Awards in Japan.
In 2011, she published her first collection of poetry, “The World Like A Blinking Mosaic” and later in the year, she moved to France for a year performing at many poetry festivals throughout the land.
Saori is an official invited poet for “14th France International Poetry Festival”.
She has been the organizer of "POETRY CIRCUS", a serial event of poetry reading around the world since 2013.


  • Incentive Award of 4th Bungei-Shicho Modern Poetry Prize, 2008


  • [The World Like A Blinking Mosaic] Kozui Kikaku, 2011


  • [ESTHÉTIQUE] Bigakukenkyujyo, 2014, Japan / 'My Shrine, a Poem for Body'
  • [Bacchanales no.49] Maison de la poésie Rhône-Alpes, 2013, France / 'The World Like a Blinking Mosaic'
  • [Monge Monde] Rafael de Surtis, 2013, France / 'The World Like a Blinking Mosaic'
  • [Seiza vol.62] Kamakura Shunjusya, 2012, Japan / 'Sloughed-off Body'
  • [Bacchanales no.47] Maison de la poésie Rhône-Alpes, 2011, France / 'My Funeral'
  • [Kozui vol.7] Kozui Kikaku, 2011, Japan / 'Novermber 1st'
  • [Kozui vol.5] Kozui Kikaku, 2010, Japan / *A book review on Kanade Kinoshita's 'display'
  • [Kozui vol.4] Kozui Kikaku, 2009, Japan / 'Black-haired Ulysses'
  • [Bungei Shicho vol.28] Asia Bunkasya, 2009, Japan / 'Black White and Yellow' 'Yellow Died Women' 'Novermber 1st'
  • [Bungei Shicho vol.26] Asia Bunkasya, 2007, Japan / *Featured in receiving the poetry prize
  • [Map Magazine vol.3] STUDIO CASA-VOUTA, 2007, Japan / 'Yellow Died Women'
  • [Map Magazine vol.2] STUDIO CASA-VOUTA, 2005, Japan / 'Under the Black Lace, the Bodyscape'


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