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ESTHÉTIQUE Vol.1 美学研究所


Bacchanales n°49

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Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes 発行の詩とレビューを集めた定期刊行物『Bacchanales 49号』に自作詩<世界は点滅するモザイク模様のように>を寄稿しました。

光栄にも、わたしの詩にイラストを描いてくれたのは、アルジェリア生まれの画家、Rachid Koraïchi 氏。

Bacchanales Vol.49 Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes

Bacchanales Vol.49
Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes

A Poem in "Bacchanales Vol.49" 

I have contributed a poem, "The World Like A Blinking Mosaic" to “Bacchanales Vol.49”, a series of poetry and reviews published by Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes.

The theme for this issue is “Poetry and Science”.
It is a great honor to work with Mr. Rachid Koraïchi drawing an illustration for my poem.
He was born in Algeria and now lives and works in Tunisia and France.
He illustrates a view of the Arabic universe by drawing the birds, fish and plants surrounded by the Sutra-like writing, just like mandala.

Monge Monde vol.4

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フランスの Rafael de Surtis 社より発行の文芸誌、「Monge Monde vol.4」に詩が掲載されました。

編集者の Vincent Calvet 氏とは、一昨年の暮れ、グルノーブルで開催された国際詩祭で出逢った。
まさに「Monge(食べる) Monde(世界)」、世界を食べる文芸誌である。
今回は「世界は点滅するモザイク模様のように」を寄稿したが、Jean-Marc Legrand の素晴らしい翻訳も手伝い、とてもよい反応をいただいた。

Vincent、Jean-Marc の両氏に最大の感謝を贈りつつ、極東から来た私のような詩人を好奇心旺盛に迎えてくれる、フランスの寛大な文学を受け入れる懐の深さにも敬意を表したい。

Monge Monde vol.4 Rafael de Surtis

Monge Monde vol.4 Rafael de Surtis

A Poem in “Monge Monde vol.4”

I have contributed a poem "The World Like a Blinking Mosaic" to “Monge Monde vol.4”, a poetry magazine published from Rafael de Surtis in France.

I met Vincent Calvet, the publisher of the magazine at the International Poetry Festival in Grenoble at the end of 2011.
He told me that he wants to create a poetry magazine that has a various poets from around the world and also it should be small yet carrying a deep universe in its content. It is just like eating the world as “Monde(eat) Monde(the world)” and I immediately agreed to write for his magazine.
With a great help from my translator Jean-Marc Legrand, I have contributed “The World Like A Blinking Mosaic” and have received a lot of positive feedbacks on it.
Also there is a Japanese version of the poem printed followed by the French translated version.

I would like to dedicate my biggest thanks to Vincent and Jean-Marc and also my biggest respect to their positive attitudes on introducing and helping poets from around the world.

星座 Vol.62

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A new poem in “Seiza -Poetry and words vol.62”

I have contributed a poem for the leadoff poetry in “Seiza -Poetry and words vol.62”, a leading magazine on Tanka(short poem) and poetry published from Kamakura Syunjyu-sya in Japan.

Ten years ago, I discovered a great poet, Kazuko Shiraishi through her serial in the magazine and it was the start of meeting poetry and its depth.
So now today, I would like to thank Ms. Inoue, my publisher who gave me this great opportunity and connect me with the magazine again.

The title of my poem in the magazine is “Cast-off body”.
The illustration is by Akio Yoshino. 

Bacchanales n°47

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Maison de la Poésie 発行、詩とレビューを集めた定期刊行文芸誌「Bacchanales 47号」に『私のお葬式』を寄稿しました。

Bacchanales n°47

Bacchanales n°47

A poem in "Bacchanales n°47"

I have contributed my poem "My Funeral" to the newest edition of “Bacchanales”, a series of poetry and reviews has been published by Maison de la Poésie.
The theme for this issue is “wood”.
There are also a several other poets from the association contributed their works for the issue.