[27th Aug 2011] Concert de solidarité pour le Japon

Added on by Saori Fukasawa.

8月27日、フランス・グルノーブルで開催された Concert de solidarité pour le Japon より。


左から:窪田真理子さん、わたし、ホップウッド祥子さん、アブデルハミッド・シェラギ From left: Mariko Kubota, Saori Fukasawa (me), Sachiko Hopwood, Abdelhamid Cherragui

From left: Mariko Kubota, Saori Fukasawa (me), Sachiko Hopwood, Abdelhamid Cherragui

会場:Salle Armand Pugnot, Voreppe
共演:窪田真理子、ホップウッド祥子、 Abdelhamid Cherragui

前回アラブギター(ウード)奏者で共演した Abdelhamid Cherragui は今回アラブ太鼓で参加、和太鼓奏者の窪田真理子さん(フランス各地で活動する和太鼓集団「Wadaiko MAKOTO」より参加)、さらに琴奏者のホップウッド祥子さん(「YAMATO」より参加)を交え、詩と音楽の四者コラボレーションを果たします。


A report from the “Concert de solidarité pour le Japon” held on August 27th in Voreppe, France. Beginning with an improvisation of the Koto (Japanese harp), masterfully tuned by Sachiko Hopwood, Abdelhamid Cherragui joined in with his Arabic percussion. With a deep sensation, the tune of Koto magically fit this exotic instrument.
Mariko Kubota also joined in with an improvisation of Taiko (Japanese drum) during my second reading, “Yellow Dyed Women”. With the continuous bass echoing throughout my body, guiding me into a meditational state, I synchronized my feelings and compassionately read for all the victims of the Tsunami and for those that continue to live with an endless fear of radiation near the unstable nuclear plants.

Although it has already been more than five months from the 311 Japan disaster, with your continued support we were able to collect almost five hundred euros in donations for this charity event. All the money raised will go directly to volunteer team “NADIA”, helping the people in the hard hit areas of the Tsunami.

Event Infomation
Date & Time: 27 August 2011, 20:30
Place: Salle Armand Pugnot, Voreppe
With: Mariko Kubota, Sachiko Hopwood, Abdelhamid Cherragui

I will be reading three pieces of my poetry in a charity event for Japan hosted by “YAMATO”, a group dedicated to helping the country after the 311 disaster aimed to raise and send the donations from France.
The Arabic guitar (Oud) player, Abdelhamid Cherragui, will also be playing the Arabic percussions especially for this event, collaborating with poetry, a Japanese Taiko player, Mariko Kubota (from ”Wadaiko MAKOTO”, a Japanese taiko group active in France) and a Koto Player, Sachiko Hopwood (from “YAMATO”) to form a combination of art.