[26th May 2011] Les Souffleurs de Vers

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会場:Salle des Fêtes d’Eybens
共演:Natsumi Tokoro(dance)、Jean-Marc Legrad(sax)、Eric Agnier(bass)、Yoann Ramard(guitar)、Maxime Rousseau(drums)、Martin Valla(human beat box)、Pierre Bigorgne(piano)、 Abdelhamid Cherragui(oud)、Jacques Cordier(piano)

An audience of about 500 people turned out, which included the mayor of the city of Grenoble and several journalists from local newspapers.
In all, seven groups of artists performed: Abdelhamid Cherragui with his Oud (Moroccan guitar); Yannis Lamour as a slam poet; Christel Caputo as a singer/songwriter; Don Germano as a DJ; Loinel Audigier as a live painter; and Martin Valla as a human beat boxer.
Unfortunately, Kazuma Glen Motomura, my partner in dance, could not perform as planned due to an injury he suffered a week prior to the event. But fortunately, another great dancer and friend of Kazuma, Natsumi Tokoro, was able to rush over from Paris to take his place. Even though our first time meeting was only a few hours before the start of the event, she quickly understood my world of poetry and we instantly were able to come through with a great performance.
As the host of the event, comedian Mickael Bieche was excellent at entertaining the audience. There was also a prize ceremony for the poetry contest held last Spring. The winners received a special certificate and were surprised to learn that their poems will be published in an upcoming book. A student group from a local school led the audience to the grand finale with their amazing play of “SAKURA”.
At the end of the show, we opened the box used to collect donations for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and was surprised to see such a generous amount. Thank you very much! The people of France and the world are still caring for Japan. 100% of the money raised will go to the Japan Red Cross.
As my last word for this entry, I would like to give my biggest respect and gratitude for my very best friend and director of the festival, Jean-Marc Legrand.

Place: Salle des Fêtes d’Eybens
With: Natsumi Tokoro (dance), Jean-Marc Legrand (sax), Eric Agnier (bass), Yoann Ramard (guitar), Maxime Rousseau (drums), Martin Valla (human beat box), Pierre Bigorgne (piano), Abdelhamid Cherragui (oud), Jacques Cordier (piano)

©Photos by Eric Legrand

©Photos by Eric Legrand

会場:Eybens(エイバン町) ボールルーム
主催:Citizen-Art   後援:グルノーブル市


Date & Time: 26 May 2011 20:30 start
Place: Ballroom of Town of Eybens
Hosted by: Citizen-Art   Supported by: City of Grenoble

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