[30th Mar 2011] Lecture de Poèmes du Japon

Added on by Saori Fukasawa.



共演:カズマ・グレン・本村(Dance)、Abdelhamid Cherragui (ウード/アラブ伝統弦楽器)

Videos from the poetry reading held on 30th March at Domaine Universitaire (Grenoble, France). This event was planned to help and raise donations for the Japan earthquake 3/11. After half an hour of reading my poetry, we had a lecture to discuss about the situations in Japan and to share our experiences with the audiences.
Because in France the dependence on nuclear power for the electricity supply is over 70%, the Fukushima nuclear plant’s accident is also a high-publicity case and the audiences in the lecture were not the exceptions.
I asked them to reconsider wether it is worth or not for them to have the nuclear power plants on their land. The nuclear power has been said that it is safe, clean and moneywise but I wanted them to know the brutal risks of the health, environmental chages and economical damages that the society would have to suffer with if once a plant have gone out of control. I believe now is the time to learn from the Fukushima’s accident.

Place: Domaine Universitaire, Library  (Grenoble, France)
With: Kazuma Glen Motomura (Dance), Abdelhamid Cherragui (Oud/Traditional arabic strings)