[28th Jan 2012] Poetry Night with Maison de la Poésie

Added on by Saori Fukasawa.

会場:Librairie Le Bazart des motes à Hauterives
共演:Jean-Marc Legrand (多楽器演奏)

Maison de la Poésie 主催の朗読会に、三名の詩人とともに参加します。会のホストは前回に続き、同詩人会の招聘詩人であるグツ・ジョリー。共演にはジャンマルク・ルグロンを迎え、実験的な楽器の奏でる音とともに朗読します。


Time & Date: 28 January 18:00
Place: Librairie Le Bazart des motes à Hauterives
With: Jean-Marc Legrand (Multiple instruments) 

I will be reading my poetry with three other poets from Maison de la Poésie hosted by an invited poet, Guth Joly. Jean-Marc Legrand will join me with great experimental sounds made by his unique instruments.