NADIA 東日本大震災支援金送付完了のお知らせ

Added on by Saori Fukasawa.

4月28日にフランス・エイバンで行なわれた「Les Souffleurs de Vers」に於いて集められた東日本大震災支援金、¥33,000 が被災地で活動するボランティア団体「Team NADIA」に送られましたことを、ここにご報告します。

Donation for Japan 311 Disaster Sent to NADIA

I would like to inform that the money raised (33,000 JPY) in "Les Souffleurs de Vers" we held on April 28th in France has been successfully sent to a volunteer group “Team NADIA" for the Japan 311 disaster.
Thank you very much for those who attended the event and specially for the artists who played on the stage.