Monge Monde vol.4

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フランスの Rafael de Surtis 社より発行の文芸誌、「Monge Monde vol.4」に詩が掲載されました。

編集者の Vincent Calvet 氏とは、一昨年の暮れ、グルノーブルで開催された国際詩祭で出逢った。
まさに「Monge(食べる) Monde(世界)」、世界を食べる文芸誌である。
今回は「世界は点滅するモザイク模様のように」を寄稿したが、Jean-Marc Legrand の素晴らしい翻訳も手伝い、とてもよい反応をいただいた。

Vincent、Jean-Marc の両氏に最大の感謝を贈りつつ、極東から来た私のような詩人を好奇心旺盛に迎えてくれる、フランスの寛大な文学を受け入れる懐の深さにも敬意を表したい。

Monge Monde vol.4 Rafael de Surtis

Monge Monde vol.4 Rafael de Surtis

A Poem in “Monge Monde vol.4”

I have contributed a poem "The World Like a Blinking Mosaic" to “Monge Monde vol.4”, a poetry magazine published from Rafael de Surtis in France.

I met Vincent Calvet, the publisher of the magazine at the International Poetry Festival in Grenoble at the end of 2011.
He told me that he wants to create a poetry magazine that has a various poets from around the world and also it should be small yet carrying a deep universe in its content. It is just like eating the world as “Monde(eat) Monde(the world)” and I immediately agreed to write for his magazine.
With a great help from my translator Jean-Marc Legrand, I have contributed “The World Like A Blinking Mosaic” and have received a lot of positive feedbacks on it.
Also there is a Japanese version of the poem printed followed by the French translated version.

I would like to dedicate my biggest thanks to Vincent and Jean-Marc and also my biggest respect to their positive attitudes on introducing and helping poets from around the world.