[15th Sep 2011] Cabaret Poetique

Added on by Saori Fukasawa.

9月15日に開催された Cabaret Poetique より。


*追記:ダニエル・マソンと写真を撮るのを忘れてしまったが、二枚目の写真の青いシャツを着ているのが彼。左は同じく Maison de la Poésie に所属するロシア生まれの詩人、カティア・ブシュイヴァ。彼女は私と同い年の1982年生まれ。

会場:Maison de la poésie Rhône-Alpes
共演:生方則孝、ホップウッド祥子、Daniel Masson(詩朗読)

「Maison de la poésie」の定期朗読会に参加します。今回のテーマは「日本の詩」。前半は自身も俳句を十年以上書いている巨匠、ダニエル・マソンが自作の句を朗読します。後半はわたしの朗読に始まり、観客を交えてダニエル・マソンと共に詩についてのディスカッションも予定しています。



From the “Cabaret Poetique” on October 25th.

Although it was unfortunate to be missing Sachiko Hopwood’s sound of Koto, Jean-Marc Legrand masterfully fulfilled the void with his electribe and electric kalimba. Also creating excitement was Noritaka Ubukata and his theremin, an instrument that many in the audience had never seen.

Another guest poet, Daniel Masson, read original works of Haiku in his native French. Unlike Japanese Haiku where the 5-7-5 is represented by the number of sounds, Haiku in French forms 5-7-5 from syllables, in other words, the beat. It was very interesting to see what happens when a decorative language, like French, transforms into Haiku and its minimal style. It emphasized the beauty of sound in spoken French and it truly shared the spirit of Haiku.
It was also an unexpected feeling to hear the name of Matsuo Basho and to know that the old style of Japanese poetry is accepted in such a foreign culture. But at the same time, I was compelled with a desire to spread the Japanese modern poetry too.

*PS: I forgot to take a picture with Daniel Masson but the man wearing a blue shirt in the second picture is him. On the left is also a poet in Maison de la Poésie, Katia Bouchoueva from Russia. She is the same age as me born in 1982.