Bacchanales n°49

Added on by Saori Fukasawa.

Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes 発行の詩とレビューを集めた定期刊行物『Bacchanales 49号』に自作詩<世界は点滅するモザイク模様のように>を寄稿しました。

光栄にも、わたしの詩にイラストを描いてくれたのは、アルジェリア生まれの画家、Rachid Koraïchi 氏。

Bacchanales Vol.49 Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes

Bacchanales Vol.49
Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes

A Poem in "Bacchanales Vol.49" 

I have contributed a poem, "The World Like A Blinking Mosaic" to “Bacchanales Vol.49”, a series of poetry and reviews published by Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes.

The theme for this issue is “Poetry and Science”.
It is a great honor to work with Mr. Rachid Koraïchi drawing an illustration for my poem.
He was born in Algeria and now lives and works in Tunisia and France.
He illustrates a view of the Arabic universe by drawing the birds, fish and plants surrounded by the Sutra-like writing, just like mandala.