[28th Apr 2012] "Les Souffleurs de Vers Vol.2"

Added on by Saori Fukasawa.

会場:Odyssée Médiathèque Eybens
共演:生方則孝(テルミン)、ホップウッド祥子(箏)、所夏海(現代舞踊)、Florent Diara(パーカッション)、Katia Bouchoueva(詩朗読)、杉田証/Steven Sugita Becraft(詩朗読&電子音楽)
入場費:無料・要予約(tel 04 76 62 67 45)

シチズン・アート企画のイベント “Les Souffleurs de Vers” が去年の大成功から一年、今年は第14回フランス国際詩祭 “Le Printemps des Poètes” の詩祭として開催されます。

このイベントは第14回フランス国際詩祭の公式プログラムです:14e Le Printemps des Poètes


2nd "Les Souffleurs de Vers"

Time & Date: 28 April 10:30 - 12:00
Place: Odyssée Médiathèque Eybens
With: Nori Ubukata (thermin), Sachiko Hopwood (koto), Natsumi Tokoro (contemporary dance), Florent Diara (percussions), Katia Bouchoueva (poetry reading), Steven Sugita Becraft (poetry reading and electronic music)
Entrance Fee: FREE
*Reservations Required (tel 04 76 62 67 45)

After a year from the large success of “Les Souffleurs de Vers” organized by Citizen-Art, its second edition will be held as a part of 14e Le Printemps des Poètes poetry festival this year. Three invited poets, Steven Sugita Becraft from Japan (or America where he grew up), Katia Bouchoueva from Russia and me will be performing with the most avant-garde sounds created by Nori Ubukata, Sachiko Hopwood and Florent Diara. Steven Sugita Becraft will also play his own composed experimental music with his original instrument. Natsumi Tokoro will be presenting a short program of contemporary dance and also accompanying with the poetry readings.
The festival will be held at the big concert hall of library in Eybens. This festival is dedicated for the Japan 311 earthquake and all the money raised will go directly to a volunteer team “NADIA”, helping the people in the hard hit areas of the Tsunami.

This event is an official program of: 14e Le Printemps des Poètes