Stranger Than Fiction #2 / 3 Mar 2016

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Would you enjoy an evening drinking wine and listening to local writers sharing their latest stories?

'Stranger Than Fiction' is an informal platform for both emerging and well-seasoned writers to share their work with an audience.
Each month we select a handful of writers to read excerpts from their fiction, scripts, creative non-fiction, or other writing in Listastofan. We welcome the off-beat, weird and wonderful. 
Bring a drink, listen, think, and laugh.

Entry: 1500 ISK (20% discount, for students with ID)


Thursday, March 3, 2016
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Hringbraut 119 RVK

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" We can walk our fox together?
 -You know I don't like pets don't bother
Your tattoo of the catching feather?
 -Is part of your imagination;; "
-Retro Stefson, "Queen"

[11th Jul 2015] Ono Osamu Band「文学と音楽」ライブ

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3月に結成した Ono Osamu Band にて、再び歌います。


会場:神保町「視聴室」 A. 千代田区西神田3-8-5 ビル西神田1階
出演:Ono Osamu Band、大野円雅
料金:2,000円(1 drink 別)
時間:開場 18:00 / 開演 18:30

・大野円雅 (pf, vo)
第二部:Ono Osamu Band 
・Ono Osamu (key, presentation)
・Suwa So (dr, devices)
・深澤紗織 (vo, poetry reading)
・大野円雅 (cho, poetry reading)